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Dear Customers,
We are an on-site bicycle repair shop Koshigaya-Saitama.
We will directly visit where you are,and fix your bicycles.

Shop infomation

Shop Name:Kazahari Bicycle Repair Shop

Open hours: AM9:00~PM6:00

Contact hours: AM8:30~PM5:00

Shop holiday: Every Tuesday
Temporary close will be announced through our BLOG


Phone number : 090-6513-6452

We are not good at speak English. When you call us, Please speak slowly.
If you can speak Japenase very well !!



On-site service area

No charge for travel cost for following areas.


Repair costs(including tax)

・Falt Tire:¥1,200,add ¥ 300 per holes

・Tube Replacement: ¥2,500(Front Wheel),¥3,000(Rear Wheel)

・Tire Replacement: ¥4,500(Front Wheel),¥5,500(Rear Wheel)

・Electric bicycle Tire Replacement :¥7,500(Front) ¥8,500/Rear Wheel)

・Break shoes Replacement:¥1,000

・Chain Replacement:¥3,500

・Other Parts Replacements:Break wires,other wires,Lock Breaking
   and Changing,Lights,etc.

*The above costs are for a standard type of bicycle (“Mama-chari”),
  and the cost may vary for other types of bicycles.

*"Mama-chari "is like that !

How to order

Please follow the procedure below.

Tell us your infomation.

・Your address and Phone number.

・What kind of problems does your bicycle have? (Flat tire etc)

・The type of your bicycle.(“Mama-chari” etc)

Please call us at 090-6513-6452 .

・Where should I go? What should I fix?

・Check your bicycle problems.

・Estimate repair cost.

・After get your approval,We start repairing.

・Sorry,payment is cash only.
・But also Repair fee can be paid with "Pay Pay".

Contact us

icon Kazahari Bicycle repair shop
Address:16-12 akanecho gamo Koshigaya-city, Saitama.
Phone number : 090-6513-6452

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